Complimentary Social Room ($75 value)

Use this spacious gathering room for needs such as a gift opening room, a catered rehersal dinner, or just a congregate area for your social needs. This room can be reserved complimentary with a minimum of 10 guestrooms secured within your group block.

Complimentary Shuttle Service ($150 value)

Allow us to provide you and your guest's safe transportation on your special day. This service includes a maximum of three transports to and from your selected venue. This service can be complimentary with a minimum of 20guestrooms secured within your group block.

Complimentary Whirlpool Suite ($200 value)

Could there be any better way to indulge after celebrating that special day?!? With only a minimum of 30 guestrooms secured within your group block, this can be a complimentary bonus we add to your already extraordinary day.